Pronto prayer.

"So, church, anymore prayer requests?"

"Ah, yes, can you please pray that we find
a house? There's this one that we really want and would be
great but the landlord is hesitant because we'll only be here
9 months...but we're getting a little desperate."

(the next morning)

"Jennifer, I think we just got a text message
from that landlord lady... read it!"

(Opens text message) "Have discussed rental with hubby
and, given your offer and that u seem really nice... I will take you as tenants."

PRAISE THE LORD!! Thank you God for answering that one pronto!

It will be cheap, has a lovely view, is within walking distance to shops and the motorway, and is super close to the community center!

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babyblueeyed girl said...

jennifer this marge
what awesome prayer anwered
love you